Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 2012 Birchbox

Hello everyone! I am pretty shocked that I just received my November Birchbox. I live in the west coast region, and it normally takes 10 days for my Birchbox to make it to me all the way from New York, and with the damage that area recently received due to Hurricane Sandy, I wasn't expecting to get a box at all. But lo and behold, here is November's box. 

  • etoile Diamond Dust Polish (deluxe sized)
  • Jouer fragrance Cornucopia (nice sized roller ball)
  • Lulu Organics Lavender and Clary Sage Hair Powder (5 grams of powder)
  • ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend lengthening mascara (Full sized)
  • SOYJOY Cranberry bar (gluten free)  
I am very happy with my box this month. Everything is decently sized. The mascara itself is full size and retails for $24. The polish is mini sized but still large enough for me to use many times and is worth $9. I absolutely love the perfume sample, and happy its in roller ball form. It smells so divine. And I have never used a hair powder, so I look forward to trying. The SOYJOY bar is gluten free, so I will stick it in my purse for a snack on the go. Overall, a nice rounded box. Great job Birchbox!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bellus Natural Cosmetics Review (Gluten Free!)

I'm sure most of you may know someone with some sort of allergy. Whether it be to gluten or corn, these individuals normally have to make huge life style changes to keep their health up. Its becoming more custom to hear about those living with gluten intolerance's or Celiac's disease. Another popular topic that I read about quite often is the importance of natural make up. Main stream make up these days contains multitudes of ingredients that are quite lengthy and hard to pronounce. Preservatives known as parabens keep make up nice and "fresh" but are now being linked to causing skin irritation and now cancer.
Now with this all said and done, its quite refreshing to find a company that offers natural and safe make up. I myself have Celiac's disease. I have to be very careful about anything that goes in or on my body. I do regularly use gluten free cosmetics, but honestly, there aren't many companies out there that offer gluten free make up. Now I would like to introduce to you all, Bellus Natural Cosmetics. Bellus offers a wide range of cosmetics and colors to suite most skin tones. For the past week, I have been testing out the majority of Bellus's product line so I can leave my thoughts.

  • Satin Eye Shadow in Burnished Gold
  • Blush in Dusty Rose
  • Natural Lipstick in Naked Kiss and Plum Crazy
  • Natural Lipgloss in Raspberry Smash
  • Potted Eye Liner in Java Bean
  • Cream Mineral Foundation
  • Loose Mineral Foundation
  • Satin Complexion Enhancer

 Here is a picture of me wearing all Bellus Natural Cosmetics! I started off buffing the cream mineral foundation all over my face. I then used the loose mineral foundation. I highlighted my cheekbones and upper brow area with the satin complexion enhancer. I filled in my brows with the potted eye liner and lined my water line as well. I patted on the satin eyeshadow on my lids up to my brows. Dusted some blush on, and swiped on some natural lipstick.


Potted Eye Liner in Java Bean

Left to right: Natural lipstick in Plum crazy, Lip gloss in Raspberry Smash and Natural lipstick in Naked Kiss.

Satin Eye Shadow in Burnished Gold

Blush in Dusty Rose

My Thoughts:

Natural lipstick- The natural lipstick was more of a tinted lip balm to me than a lipstick. There was still good pigmentation, so no qualms there. Other lipsticks that I have tried were more on the thick side, but Bellus's natural lipstick glided on my lips and was pleasant and light. Not sticky. I had no reaction to any of the ingredients, and quite like the colors I was able to try! The formula also did not dry out my lips, it kept them quite moisturized. Go check out Bellus's color choices for their natural lipsticks!

Natural Lip gloss-If you are looking for a good amount of pigmentation, check out Bellus's natural lip glosses. These glosses feature the same colors that you can find in the Natural lipstick line, but in a gloss form. The gloss itself is not sticky, and kept my lips nicely moisturized.

Satin Eye Shadow- Bellus offers 2 loose mineral eye shadow options. Satin or matte. I was able to try a satin shadow in burnished gold. If you are a glitter/shimmer person, check out the satin line. Not a glitter fan? The Matte line would be perfect for you! I really love the colors options available! There is a color for any tastes. I am in love with these shadows, I applied it wet, dry and over primer and it did not budge. I'm really loving this shadow and will for sure be getting some other colors!

Blush- Dusty rose is a remarkable color that would suit most skin tones. I loved how silky smooth this powdered blush is! I only needed a tiny amount for great pigmentation. This gave my cheeks a nice, natural glow.

Potted Eye Liner- I like/dislike this product. I found the consistency to be a bit to hard and difficult to work with, especially with lining my eyes. I did like using it to fill in my brows. The color java bean isn't the darkest brown out there, so it didn't show up too much when I did get it lined on my water line. Maybe if it were a bit creamier, it would be easier to work with.

Cream Mineral Foundation- Lets just say, I LOVE this foundation! Its a medium to full coverage cream mineral foundation. It is thick like a concealer, but you can really control the coverage. This foundation did a great job covering up blemishes and discolorations on my face. I buffed it all over my face with a foundation brush, and afterwards brushed on some loose mineral foundation. The cream mineral foundation did not break me out. I actually felt like it healed blemishes and made my skin look glowing after I washed it off. The color was spot on as well. I will continue to keep this foundation within my reach. I absolutely recommend it.

Loose Mineral Foundation- If you are looking for a lighter foundation coverage, for sure try the loose mineral foundation. I actually really liked using the loose foundation along with the cream mineral foundation. I need a lot more coverage, so those two work together wonderfully. But on its own, it goes on nice and smooth and is long lasting.

Satin Complexion Enhancer- This product is like a loose luminizer that you can mix with your foundation for a subtle glow or shimmer. It can also be used on its own to define areas on your face. I have fallen in love with the satin complexion enhancer. It applies beautifully along with the foundation. Its not super shimmery. Its very subtle, yet helps my complexion look brighter.

Overall, I really enjoyed Bellus's products. If you are looking for a great gluten free cosmetic alternative, please head over to Bellus and check out their products. I am thrilled with the simplicity of the ingredients used in the products and that most are understandable (and not half a page long!). Their customer service is stellar, and they are great about answering any questions you may have.

Bellus Naturals Cosmetics store front

*I was sent samples to review and give my honest opinions on.*

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October StarBox (Pictures and Swatches)

Hello gorgeous people! Its that time of the month again! StarBox time! For only $15 a month (plus 1.98 shipping) you can receive a Star Box with 3-4 FULL SIZED make up items from Star Looks! (Their make up is comparable to mac) And... YOU DO NOT want to miss out on December's StarBox. It is featuring a HUGE item that you do not want to miss out on. I do not want to spoil the surprise, but if you would like to know, send me an e-mail (can find through contact tab). 

Now on to October's box! 
Here we have Starlooks Gold Dust eyeliner pencil. A nice creamy texture that easily glides on to add an extra touch of sparkle. I like gold eyeliners. I have quite a few, so this will come in handy. Retails for $8

This beautiful purple is Starlooks Posh eye shadow pigment. I found this to be very long lasting and vibrant over a primer. A very pretty color, that has a light blue sheen. Another great purple to add to my collection. Retails for $12. 

And isn't this such a perfect autumn color? This is Starlooks lipstick in Masquerade. A rich, blood red with a hint of orange that is a great color for any skin tone. I love this color, and like the formula of the lipstick. Long lasting and creamy. Retails for $11. 

An extra in this months box are some Eye Rock eye tattoos. I probably won't be trying these out. Just not my thing, but I will keep them stashed just in case the time arises that I may need them. 

Overall, this is a nice rounded box with colors that are great for the Halloween season and Fall time. I have really been enjoying my Starbox's and hope maybe someday you will too. Interested in signing up? 
So quickly, lets go over the basics:
  • $15 a month or $170 yearly
  • 3-4 full sized products brought to you by
  • 1.98 for shipping. Ships Worldwide!
  • You can cancel anytime
  • Star Box ships by the 15th of each month and ship via USPS
  • You will be able to track your Star Box
Star Looks has a great questions and answers page, go here to read more!

 To Subscribe and find out more info
(I would appreciate that if you subscribe you include in the "How did you hear about Starlooks? section, that you heard about Star Box through MomstheDealio. This is of course entirely up to you! Thank you!)

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

e.l.f. Essential Custom Eyes Refill Pans (Swatces of Taupe, Peach Fizz, Golden Glow, Ivory, Sage, Teal and Purple)

Top Row: Left to Right: Taupe, Peach Fizz, Golden Glow and Ivory
Bottom Row: Left to Right: Sage, Teal and Purple

Hello beauties! Wanted to swatch my ELF individual eye shadow pans that I keep in my magnetic palette. All of these are creamy and pigmented. I use them in a variety of looks, and always re buy when I run out. These are pretty good shadows for only being $1. Taupe, Peach Fizz, Teal and Purple are the 4 newer colors that have been released. Teal is CRAZY pigmented.
Swatches: Left to Right: Taupe, Peach Fizz, Golden Glow, Ivory, Sage, Teal, Purple
All swatched on my bare skin. 

Target and most Wal Marts carry these single eye shadow pans. You can also order them at!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Candy Lacquer "Rarity" glitter top coat!

 Candy Lacquer "Rarity" over Essie's Power Klutch.

Hello everyone! Today I have the coolest glitter top coat to show you all! I have heard all about indie nail polish mixers making these fun glitter top coats, and I decided I would like to have one or two to spice up my manicures from time to time. I did some investigating and  stumbled upon Candy Lacquer. While drooling over the neat glitter polishes, I squealed a bit when I saw Candy Lacquer had polishes inspired by My Little Pony (Yes I am a My Little Pony fan). I decided on one polish, and I thought "Rarity" would be a great one. Rarity is a clear base with matte white and purple glitter along with light blue diamond shaped glitter. It arrived today, and I already have Rarity on top of a darker polish. The polish itself is a little thick, but not hard to work with. Each brush stroke applies a good amount of glitter. Overall, I keep drooling over my nails, and find the glitter fun and funky. I really want to get my hands on more Candy Lacquer polishes!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dark Heart Designs Cosmetics (Review, Swatches, Photos galore!)

Hello all you gorgeous guys and gals! Today I would like to spotlight Dark Heart Cosmetics, a fun innovative indie cosmetics company! Tina, the wonder behind Dark Heart, sees her company as more than a cosmetics source, but hopes it to be a resource and an inspiration, a brand that make the customer feel apart of. And before I go on, Tina is such a sweetheart. She is great with her customers and is extremely interested in what "we the customer" would love to see her create. I think that is fantastic. 
Once my package arrived, I was so excited to tear into it and play with all my sparkly goodies. I was impressed with how intricate the packaging of the products was! The envelope itself was sealed shut with a waxed stamp. The products were all shrink wrapped and tucked away in a cute muslin bag. Also included in the package was a hand written "Thank You" note, a business card, sticker, percent off code and a guide on how to keep your cosmetics clean. I also received 3 generous samples! 2 shadows and a sample of face primer! Ok, enough with my blabbering, here are the sparklies I received:
Here we have Sun Brewed. The one product that helped me discover Dark Heart Cosmetics. A while ago, another beauty blogger held a contest, and Dark Heart created a whole collection for the contest. This lipstick was one of the items that brought me to find out more. Sun Brewed is a beautiful golden orange. It applies nice and smoothly and has great lasting power. You can apply a little or a lot depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Vegan. $5.99

I also ordered 3 eye shadows. Elphaba, Siren's Song and Fairytale. Elphaba is light green color with a champagne and pink shift. Very sparkly and beautiful. Siren's Song is a beautiful turquoise with a silver sheen. And last but not least, Fairytale. A light jade green color with blue and aqua shimmer. Fairytale is very similar to Sugarpill's Mochi. Mochi is one of my favorite shadows, so I am happy to have another alternative to Mochi. Dark Heart Design's shadows all retail for $5.99.

I also received 2 sample baggies. Coral Fang and Veronica. Coral Fang is just that. Coral. Its beautiful. I need a full size of Coral Fang in my life. I would LOVE to see a lipstick with this same coloring, as corals look great with my complexion. Veronica is a beautiful dark dusty purple with blue shimmer. Would be perfect for a smokey eye. Sample baggies retail for .99
There we have it! I hope you enjoyed this spotlight. I am very impressed with everything I received. All of the items are vibrant and beautiful and have proven to be long lasting and versatile.
Please go check out Dark Heart Designs Cosmetics. Tina offers a lot more than just eye shadows. I look forward to seeing new creations, and seeing Dark Heart grow and thrive.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 2012 Goop Edition Birchbox

Hey everyone! Its Birchbox time. This months Birchbox teamed up with Goop to curate some boxes. I think the majority of Birchbox subscribers got to opt in or out with receiving a Goop box. I opted in for it, since I was curious. I am actually happy I did. I received probably the better of the Goop boxes Birchbox sent out. This month I received:
  • Full sized Essie polish in Power Clutch
  • Sample of Joanna Vargas Daily Serum
  • Kiehl's Orange Flower and Lychee Liquid body cleanser
  • Naked Princess gloss
  • Luna fiber bar
 So there we have it. I am happy with what I received. I know a lot of Birchbox subscribers were disappointed with their boxes. Were you one who received a less than worthy box? Comment below!